Issues need attention

Though it was a bit of a shock to find out at short notice that the monthly Cramlington Town Council meeting had been cancelled due to ‘lack of substantive businesses’, it left me quite pleased.

To think that all matters and issues are now fully and completely resolved and there are no outstanding problems to deal with is great news.

No problems with grass cutting, or weeds, or the council’s accommodation, or the landscaping of Cramlington, therefore they have nothing to discuss between themselves, or with the public who they represent.

Considering this I would presume there would be little need for the staffing levels they currently aspire to, or have at present, and consequently there would be no requirement for such an outlay to continue with the purchase of such a ‘Village Mansion’?

Had the writer of the letter ‘Investing in an Asset’ (News Post Leader, October 2) showed up for the meeting last month, and also more of the leading party, they would have seen that there were many issues that needed attention.

They would also have seen that the Conservative Party agreed that the council should purchase a suitable property and not spend money renting, contrary to what the letter states, therefore all arguments repeatedly stated about renting are irrelevant.

If meetings cannot be held in their chosen site then the suggestions made by many others for purchasing a cheaper property are surely the sensible way to spend public money.

Even the town’s landscape strategy is an issue itself. When the Conservative Party put forward the initiative for Cramlington being the ‘Gateway to Northumberland’ under the last administration, it was for all of the Town, not just for selected areas chosen.

Considering we all pay the same charges why do we get the overgrown weeds whilst the ‘chosen’ areas get the flowers?

Why are we treat like the ‘poor relatives’?

There’s more than one way into Cramlington. All we have seen from this over the past year is a 115-page report.

Or maybe this month’s meeting was just cancelled because they were just aware of the fact the decision of their planning request on the change of use from residential to business for their intended purchase was going to be made just before the meeting?

A decision made by planning officers without going to committee – despite receiving objections – approving the change.

Maybe it was easier to cancel the meeting instead of not show up again?

Mark Swinburn