Issues need to be tackled now

Once again the Tory-led coalition government missed the chance to give Britain the Queen’s Speech it deserves when it voted down a Labour amendment to prioritise jobs and growth.

With the economy flat-lining, the living standards of decent, hard-working people falling right across the country, almost a million young people looking for a job and a stalled deficit reduction plan, Britain needed a programme to get the economy on track.

Instead what we got was ‘no answers’ from a tired government that is fast running out of ideas and is too busy obsessing about Europe and what its rank-and-file Tories think about gay marriage, to bring about the changes we need.

The prime minister is out of touch with the issues that need to be tackled now – jobs, growth and an improvement in living standards.

As a party Labour would do things differently if in power and consequently we are calling upon the government to implement our five-point plan for jobs and growth including bringing forward long-term infrastructure investment, building 100,000 new and affordable homes, and introducing a jobs guarantee for the long-term unemployed to create work and help get the benefits bill and deficit down.

Nowhere are these policies needed more than right here in our own back-yard. The situation in south east Northumberland is crying out for the sort of investment that will give us hope for the future.

Living in Britain should be about aspiration and not insecurity. How long will it be before the Prime Minister gets that message?