It is not what we wanted

At this month’s AGM of Cramlington Town Council, the incoming Labour chairman passed comment on spending two years doing what residents wanted and giving them what they needed.

This left me a little concerned, however, as at no point did I or any resident that I know ask – or recall being asked – if we wanted the town council to spend £1.3m on a four-bedroom building as a new council office.

More specifically, one that cannot hold the monthly town meetings or other large gatherings, meaning they have to rent venues at extra cost.

Nor did we ask for the 30-year of debt that the town has been saddled with.

However, what I, and many of the residents clearly will recall the council being asked for is their support with local land issues, their promise being to ‘back our local communities to protect local green spaces’.

But when it came to giving this support this did not happen.

Despite residents’ groups, social media activity, petitions, objections, and using whatever legal means possible, when it came to the council planning meeting the leading group supported the development.

Seems like what you want and what you are going to get still continue to greatly differ.

Mark Swinburn