Ivor’s book dedicated to dolphins

A new book dedicated to spotting dolphins off the south east Northumberland coastline has been published.

Dr Ivor Clark, a research scientist who has been leading a project to monitor wild dolphins off the north east coastline, has written Dolphin Spotting at Newbiggin Bay.

“2014 saw unprecedented levels of dolphin activity in and around the waters of Newbiggin Bay,” he said.

“I embarked on a research project to monitor the various dolphin species that had been sighted along our coastline and understand more about their breeding, feeding, communications, navigation and social behaviours.”

Now Dr Clark has written the book summarising his research on how best to spot the dolphins.

For details about the North East Wild Dolphin Monitoring Project, or about the book, visit http://drivorclark.wix.com/dolphinmonitor