James’ legacy will help protect pond

Holywell Pond.
Holywell Pond.

A financial legacy left by a wildlife lover will help ensure the future of a nature reserve pond.

Northumberland Wildlife Trust has received £3,200 bequeathed to them by James Clutterbuck, of Tynemouth, with the express instruction that, following his death, the money should be spent specifically on the wildlife charity’s Holywell Pond reserve, which lies to the north of Holywell village.

A percentage of the money will be spent repairing one of its vandalised bird hides and improvements to the reserve, including haymaking, the removal of invasive species and repairs to equipment.

The remainder of the money will allow the trust’s people and wildlife team to hold a number of education sessions with the children of nearby Holywell First School.

The sessions, to be held in June, will centre on its ‘Bee Quest’ project and will see children getting up close to a real beehive in their classroom, making their own cardboard hives, identifying items made by bees to give a better understanding of food sourcing and playing bee bingo.

The children will then head off into the Holywell Pond reserve and follow a bee trail, where they will learn the ‘bee waggle dance’, take part in a scavenger hunt and learn how to identify insects ‘out in the field’ using magnifying lenses and ID charts.

Jo Marwood, Northumberland Wildlife Trust legacy officer, said: “Mr Clutterbuck obviously loved Holywell Pond, so what better way to ensure the reserve remains in all its glory than by using his gift to improve the site and educate the next generation about the beauty of nature and the hidden wonders of this special reserve.

“For his support, and everybody who leaves a legacy to us, we are very grateful.”