Jeremy will offer integrity to electorate

My comrade Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership by a landslide – and was immediately faced with an avalanche of sour grapes and smears by his enemies both outside and inside our party.

Jeremy, they ranted, was a “fantasist” because of his plans to end austerity by taxing the rich who got richer during the recession, his opposition to the latest Tory attack on trade union and workplace rights, and his campaign to promote peace.

So far, so predictable – the Tory-­driven media was always going to gun for him because his agenda threatens the powerful and the self­-interested.

The real fantasists are outside Jeremy’s camp.

It is fantasy for Chancellor George Osborne to claim he has the interests of working people at heart after a string of Budgets which gave tax breaks to the best ­off, while encouraging zero ­hours contracts for the worse ­paid.

It is fantasy to expect working people to give up hard-­won rights, while bankers and fat cats responsible for the slump get off scot­-free.

And it is fantasy for many of my Labour colleagues to argue that we can only beat the Tories by pursuing a watered-­down Conservatism – the May general election showed what the electorate thought of that.

People are crying out for sincere commitment and integrity after years of spin and PR. They want someone who means what he says.

Now they’ve got one.