Job to reign not govern

In response to the letter regarding Prince Charles, (News Post Leader, February 19), he will be a good monarch if he adheres to the dignified example set by his mother.

His job as king will be to reign not to govern.

His daily handwritten letters to government ministers have to be replied to because of his status.

He is currently trying to stop publication of some of these letters.

Ministers have to reply by hand when their time should be taken up with matters of state.

His criticism of the extension on the Tate Gallery, “A carbuncle on the face of a much loved friend”, put a firm of architects and more than 200 people out of work at a stroke.

I agree that the Prince does excellent work via The Prince’s Trust, however, I would refer him to Magna Carta which over the centuries has given power to the people now through the vote.

A privilege because of his rank Prince Charles does not have.

G Llewellyn-Jones