JOBS: Not so easy to deliver

I believe the well organised publicity expressing indignation about the so-called '˜Hole' in Ashington is a propaganda stunt by the local Labour Party.

Saturday, 19th May 2018, 6:40 am

This stunt will do nothing to promote Ashington, quite the reverse.

Shifting jobs from one part of the area to another is not creating jobs, it, too, is a stunt, an expensive stunt.

The former Labour leadership at Northumberland County Council claimed that County Hall needed refurbishment at a cost of tens of millions of pounds.

County Hall was built to the highest standards with first quality materials and is structurally sound and fit for purpose. The justification for demolishing it was flawed.

Our Labour Party representatives claim that “we want jobs, and highly paid jobs”.

I agree, but “highly paid jobs” are dependent upon highly successful companies, which need to retain talent to stay ahead of the competition. You cannot have employees without employers.

This area has produced no end of talented people who are working across the country and across the world, contributing to the global economy. They could, and should, be doing much of that from here, so why are they not?

It is because it is much simpler for political representatives to blame the Tories than it is to deliver the projects and economic infrastructure that make an economy prosper.

For instance, the north east has sent hundreds of millions of pounds back to Brussels in the past because our political representatives were incapable of providing the projects.

The people of Ashington and the north east need to have a rethink.

Alan Thompson