Jobs set to go as Police make cuts

Hundreds of jobs are to go and police stations closed as Northumbria Police looks to deal with cuts in funding.

A total of 230 police staff will be lost by April 2017 while a restructure of the force will see around 200 senior management roles lost.

Northumbria Police is being forced to make £104m of savings, including an additional £46m by March 2017 after already making £58m of savings since 2010.

Senior figures are hoping the jobs will be lost through natural turnover and have ruled out any increase in council tax for policing, believing a restructure of how they operate will help save the money.

‘Expensive to run’ police stations could be closed and the police are considering reducing the number of area commands from six to three.

Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird said: “The government cuts are relentless and unfair. They impact far more heavily on our police service than on many others.

“The Chief Constable and I are very committed to maintaining the number of police officers and staff working in our neighbourhoods.

“To achieve this we need to do things differently, use technology more effectively and work from different buildings that are cheaper to run.

“We will re-locate Neighbourhood Policing Teams to bases in the local community, usually shared with other services.”

Chief Constable Sue Sim said: “Neighbourhood policing will remain the cornerstone of how we deliver service and I remain committed to protecting, as far as possible, the officers and staff who are visible in our communities.

“This includes 24/7 response and neighbourhood policing teams, including CSO Patrol and the detectives who work in our neighbourhoods.

“Northumbria has an excellent record in reducing crime and disorder and keeping our communities safe and those high standards will continue.”