Jones’s are left standing

Just received my council tax bill for 2014 and was shocked at the increase, that was until I checked online for other councils (found no increases in a lot of cases).

As I now pay more than Kensington or Chelsea, it made me realise just how posh we are up here.

Makes you feel so proud.

I am wondering in a town awash with councillors why Blyth is paying the highest town council precept in the whole of Northumberland: Cramlington pays £288,000 per annum, Morpeth £493,000 and Blyth £673,000.

We are not only keeping up with the Jones’s – we are leaving them standing!

We now appear to have reverted back to a two-tier county council system at a high cost.

Maybe an elected councillor could enlighten me.

Meanwhile I will don my green wellies and put on my Barbour jacket to have a walk around my estate, sorry it’s gone to my head already, I mean the estate, to see if William and Kate are house-hunting up here, or will they keep this jewel in the crown a secret?

Think I just saw Hugh Grant coming out of Lidl.

K Brown