Kath as fit as a fiddle after class

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A woman who suffered from a series of health issues has turned her life around with the help of Age UK’s ‘Fit as a Fiddle’ fitness classes.

Kath Barron’s health deteriorated over 30 years ago when she had to take early retirement after suffering a series of mini strokes and discovering she had angina, diabetes, and smoking-related chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

When Kath, from Bedlington, was taken into hospital in a critical condition in 2012, she decided to sign up to Age UK Northumberland’s Fit as a Fiddle programme through her sister-in-law Julia, who was referred into the service by her GP.

And in just 15 weeks Kath lost two stones.

Kath said: “I feel like I have a new life, a chance of starting again.

“As my health and weight has improved I have also joined the Qi-Gong classes, also held at the Round House on a weekly basis.

“This class helps to improve balance, co-ordination, circulation and mobility, as well as offering other health benefits.

“In just three months, my breathing has improved, along with my flexibility, co-ordination, and balance.

“If anyone is suffering COPD I would advise them to stop smoking and start exercising.”