Kind act shows real spirit of Christmas

I am writing on behalf of my aunt who left her shopping behind in a trolley at Asda in Ashington on Thursday, November 28.

On arriving home she realised she did not have her shopping bag, which contained her purse and Asda Christmas saving card.

She had a considerable amount of cash in her purse and on the savings card for subsequent Christmas shopping.

She telephoned the store immediately who told her that the bag had been handed in to them.

On returning to Asda she found to her great relief that her money and card were still safe in her bag.

Unfortunately she was not able to find out the name of the benefactor to thank them.

If anyone remembers carrying out this kind deed, please accept our most grateful thanks and heartfelt appreciation.

We hear and read about many criminal, unkind and selfish acts in our community, but we are heartened to think there are still people out there who understand the real spirit of Christmas goodwill.

Mrs Eileen Farnham