Kindness of strangers for Blyth’s homeless Adam

Adam Blyth. Picture from Making Winter Warmer For Those Without.
Adam Blyth. Picture from Making Winter Warmer For Those Without.

Kindhearted people are proving community spirit is alive in Blyth as they rally to help a local man in need – raising more than £1,200 in just 24 hours.

Scores of concerned residents have teamed up to help a homeless man, named locally as Adam Blythe, who was assaulted in Robert Street at the weekend.

Adam, who was known to sleep in the doorway of Blockbuster, is currently in Newcastle’s RVI Hospital in a critical but stable condition following the attack.

And now residents have rallied to help him, even setting up a fundraising website to help his recovery when he leaves hospital.

The website – – has already raised more than £1,200 in just one day.

Charity Making Winter Warmer For Those Without, who create rucksacks with warm clothes, toiletries and sleeping bags, has now stepped in to help Adam, and has taken him a hospital pack.

Kerry Lister-Pattinson from the charity, who set up the website

For Adam, said: “We go out and hand rucksacks to people directly on the streets

“Everyone just wants to help.

“We were arranging to get a bag to him when this happened, so I went and bought him some pjs and a dressing gown and things like that and made up a hospital bag to take in for him, as Adam had nobody to do that for him.”

Kerry says she has been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support for Adam.

“I know everybody is really upset about this and the support he has from the north east, especially the people of Blyth, is just amazing,” she added.

“I’ll be very lucky to be able to share with him all of the lovely messages people have sent for him, I really hope that knowing that so many people care about him helps aid his recovery and that he decides to stay in the north east and get back on his feet.”

It is hoped the money raised from the website will help Adam get his life back on track.

For more information about the charity you can follow them on Twitter @winterwarmerNE