Kite festival hoping to pull in the crowds

Kites at the Blyth Kite Festival.
Kites at the Blyth Kite Festival.

A kite festival taking place next month promises to deliver the largest collection of kites to be flown in Northumberland.

Blyth Kite Festival will take place on Meggies Burn playing fields, South Beach, over the May Bank Holiday, with flying each day from 10am to 5pm.

The event will consist of displays of single, two-line and four-line kite flying to music, displays of large kites including parrots, fish, eels, lizards, crabs, octopuses and much more.

Some of the best kite fliers in the country will be attending including Josh Mitcheson, from Ashington, the youngest person in the world to fly three two-line kites at the same time to music, and Graham Lockwood, from Huddersfield, who is acknowledged to be the best in Europe at flying three, two-line stunt kites to music at the same time.

For the first time this year the festival will also have a team of 14 fliers coming from Holland and Belgium called Sky Pirates.

Members of North East Kite Fliers, Northern Kite Group, and the Kite Club of Scotland, will also be flying their own kites all weekend.

The event is free and is supported by Blyth Town Council and Northumberland County Council.