Labour administration says one thing and does another

Coun Hepple’s letter (News Post Leader, February 6) is long and tortuous, and needs to be, as he has a good deal of explaining to do to the electorate of Cramlington.

He avoids the main point of my last letter and, I suggest, deliberately so.

Before the last local government election in May 2013 the Labour Party candidates for Cramlington Town Council made no mention of a 156.5 per cent increase in the local council precept; quite the contrary, in fact, for by their pointed criticism of increases that had been put forward by the Lib Dems, when they controlled the council, and their observation that “There are better and more efficient ways to deliver services”, any elector could, quite reasonably, conclude that an elected Labour controlled council would not increase the town council precept in these times.

Quite the contrary has happened.

The Labour Group had no mandate to increase the precept, and have now done what they implied they would not do.

Why did they not tell the electorate that they were planning to do this once they were in power?

The answer is obvious, I suggest.

Yet again a Labour administration says one thing and does another and sticks its maw in the pocket of, the yet again, duped electorate.

Christopher Dorman-O’Gowan


Blyth Valley

Conservative Association