Labour leader denies calling town ‘Grottsville’

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NORTHUMBERLAND Labour leader Grant Davey has denied he referred to Cramlington as “Grottsville” during a meeting of the county council last week.

Coun Davey said his comments were taken out of context and said that instead of referring to the town as a whole, he was talking about what he called the “gateway” to Northumberland, beyond North Tyneside’s Seaton Burn roundabout.

He said the way in which his comments had been reported by others present at the budget setting meeting at County Hall was “wrong”.

The comments have put the Blyth Kitty Brewster ward councillor under fire from Cramlington Eastfield colleague Barrie Crowther.

Coun Crowther said: “Is this really what the leader of the Labour Party in Northumberland thinks about Cramlington?

“If so, I think that the people of Cramlington should know this.

“It was not a slip of the tongue, he started off by saying that as you approach Cramlington off the A1 you come into Grottsville.

“I must admit that I was surprised that such words were uttered, but at least I now know what the Labour Party thinks of Cramlington, which is not too much of a shock because of the years of neglect under Blyth Valley Council.”

Coun Davey said: “The Newcastle side of Seaton Burn roundabout is lovely and clean, that part of the A19 is the responsibility of North Tyneside.

“Lord Ridley and the Banks Group spent a fortune on Northumberlandia and the area around it and then as you come off that roundabout the grass verges and the trees aren’t cut. It’s a disaster.

“I wasn’t referring to Cramlington itself, it was the area towards Cramlington.”