Labour should not be fooled

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During the party conference season, which happily I’ve escaped, we’ve heard a lot of barely concealed overtures from Nick Clegg and other Lib Dems who, fearing a wipe-out at the next general election, now want to cosy up to Labour.

After three years in bed with the Tories, they now want to snuggle up to us!

Most worrying, I hear that there are some in the upper reaches of my party who feel they can’t discount a deal if 2015 sees another hung Parliament. They are making ‘friendly gestures’.

The only gesture I would make is not friendly.

The Lib Dems are the party who broke their manifesto pledges – on student fees, VAT, taxation, nuclear arms and a lot more – to win the perks of ministerial office.

A ride in a ministerial car to a grace-and-favour apartment was more important than the plight of decent families saddled with debt, hammered by coalition cuts and facing bleak lives on the dole.

They are the party who last week endorsed George Osborne’s dismal economic strategy, backed the next generation of nuclear weapons and refused to call for the abolition of tuition fees.

At his conference Clegg took credit for everything good, he believes has happened under the coalition, and blamed the Tories for everything bad. What shameless hypocrisy. Self-serving drivel.

The voters won’t be fooled again by the Lib Dems at the next election. And neither should the Labour leadership after it.