Landlords are targeted in 12 street police op

Brought to you by the News Post Leader.
Brought to you by the News Post Leader.

Landlords in Blyth who let rubbish pile up outside their properties have been targeted in the latest phase of a multi-agency operation.

The ‘12 street campaign’ is a long-term initiative to improve the quality of life for residents in the Cowpen Quay area and involves a range of organisations working together.

Agencies are working together to address issues such as anti-social behaviour, waste accumulation, drug offences, road safety, lighting and rogue landlords.

The operation aims to find long-term solutions to the underlying issues and in the first week the county council’s Environmental Enforcement staff found more than 60 homes with large piles of rubbish in their yards.

The private landlords have now been issued with warnings, making them responsible for the unacceptable actions of their tenants.

Last November a Blyth householder was fined for dumping rubbish and their landlord sent the clean-up bill for the council’s work.

The council’s Environmental Enforcement & Animal Welfare Team carried out patrols in the area and as a result 11 fixed penalty fines were issued for littering and dog fouling.

Local Ward County Councillor Kath Nisbet added: “These 12 streets are priority areas and while we’re looking to make some quick improvements by addressing issues such as waste and fly tipping we also want to find longer term solutions which will benefit the whole community.”

Chief Inspector for Northern area command, Nicola Musgrove, said: “The 12 streets campaign is off to a good start and should send a clear message that we are committed to working with our partners to improve quality of life for residents.”