Lane should not be closed

I am writing in response to J Hill’s letter (News Post Leader, March 27), regarding the proposed opencast at Bebside.

For at least the last three years Hathery Lane has not been a free dumping ground for household and building refuse, it has been no worse than any other area of the county.

It is regularly used by cyclists, horse riders, walkers and dog walkers and was recently resurfaced by the council, which was a very positive improvement.

Hathery Lane forms part of my daily cycle to and from work, should this route be closed the only alternative I am aware of is Horton Road.

This is simply unviable on safety grounds due to the traffic speeds and the general lack of proper room given when vehicles are overtaking cyclists.

As a result I will be forced back into a car for the commute to work.

Closure of Hathery Lane will be a backwards step for sustainable transport links within the county.

Norman Webster