Leader delivers at conference

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Delegates attending every party conference are looking for one thing without exception – a rousing speech from their leader to send everyone on their way home buoyed with confidence that they are on track to deliver the sort of policies that will make a real difference to people’s lives.

Last week in Brighton that’s exactly what we got from Labour’s Ed Miliband.

His keynote speech, I thought, was an excellent one that showed up in the clearest possible terms the difference between the policies and direction we believe are right for Britain and those of the Tories and the Liberal Democrats.

On jobs, and particularly steps to cut youth unemployment, the provision of 25 hours a week free child care, help for small businesses, an increase in the minimum wage, scrapping the insidious so-called ‘bedroom tax’, taking on the energy companies with a pledge to freeze fuel bills until 2017, he delivered bold policies to support everyone, not just the rich and famous friends of David Cameron.

It was a speech supported around all corners of the hall including, I believe, by many of my trade union colleagues who have had their public disagreements with Mr Miliband.

What our leader showed is that he is determined to make a real difference to the lives of ordinary folk.

Speaking for just over 60 minutes without a single note, he delivered a speech which I believe not only won over our conference, but showed he has the credentials to make him Prime Minister in waiting.