Legal action threat after post mishap

A woman is threatening to take legal action against a local authority after it sent personal details to a wrong address.

Ashley Blakey from Blyth, was alerted that a letter from the social services team at Northumberland County Council meant for her and containing personal information, had been sent to the wrong address.

Ashley said: “It’s a huge data protection risk.

“People need to know that Northumberland Couny Council are not safe with their personal details.

“Highly sensitive information was sent to a completely random address that has no link to me whatsoever, and was opened and read by someone.

“I am very angry that this has been allowed to happen.

“After numerous discussions with social services at Cramlington, no responsiblity was been accepted, and I have still not received an apology.

“This is not acceptable practice, it’s a complete breach of data protection and I am looking to take legal action.”

A spokesman for Northumberland County Council said: “As soon as we became aware of this issue we let Mrs Blakey know and apologised to her. We subsequently followed proper process including taking prompt action to review our procedures to mitigate against similar issues in the future.”