LEISURE: Outrage over bowls

Further to your article regarding the ‘exciting’ major refurbishment at Concordia, Cramlington, (News Post Leader, August 6), I am in favour of new developments improving facilities in the Northumberland area and giving the younger persons more interests and activities in their leisure time, but what about the older people?

Although the new development activities sound wonderful, I can only reiterate, what about the older people who may not have the energy for more challenging activities?

I was outraged when the council decided to take away the indoor bowling green and replace it with a ten-pin bowling alley.

Some of the bowling alleys in the area have closed due to lack of interest, so I still can’t understand why it made this decision to include such an expensive white elephant.

The now defunct bowling green during winter time was used every day and evening, as well as by spectators who came to watch and maybe have something to eat and drink.

Monies were spent on booking rinks, food and drink, by players and spectators, but it also gave the older people of the area an interest.

The government is always banging on about keeping the older generation fit and active, so why take away a facility which enabled people not only to stay active, but it was a great social activity too?

People are living longer these days, so whilst it is great to keep the youngsters active, don’t forget about the older generation.

L Crawford