LEISURE: The retired are excluded

I read with interest the article on the front page about the refurbishment of Concordia Leisure centre in Cramlington. (News Post Leader, August 6).

I noted in particular the words of Bruce Ledger, chief executive of Active Northumberland, in the statement: “One of our biggest priorities is to inspire people to be active every day and the refurbishment of Concordia will provide residents with fantastic facilities.”

Coun Val Tyler commented further that: “Health and wellbeing is hugely important.”

In reply, I would say that they have forgotten the retired – those people with lots of time, and sometimes money to go with that time.

They have forgotten them completely by not including an indoor flat green bowling carpet, which was available previously.

By removing bowling they have sentenced one large, and indeed growing, section of the population to long winter months of inactivity, and who are now lost and in need of a local facility that provides the “health and wellbeing” they purport to subscribe to.

First Hexham lost this bowling facility and now the disease is spreading.

Concordia has closed, and then Ashington will close shortly, leaving no indoor bowling facility left in Northumberland.

This is tragic for lots of retirees.

I wrote on this subject a couple of years ago, and reported on the huge increases in junior bowlers at the indoor clubs I have knowledge of in the west of Scotland because bowling centres are being encouraged to involve all interested parties.

It’s easy to write things off as being not possible.

I think people will live to regret this poor decision.

Maurice White