Let’s ‘love Northumberland’ and its flora and fauna

I was greatly saddened by the extensive use of weed-killer on the Rosa Rugosa and other essential food plants for wildlife surrounding the car park at the Needles Eye, Spital, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea.

Granted, it wasn’t a nature reserve but had developed into one, supporting at the very least finches, linnets and yellow hammers.

Also many varieties of bees, butterflies and insects, all of which gave me, visiting photographers and families, great pleasure watching in such a small area.

The area in the past has also attracted ‘lesser’ and ‘greater fly-tipping tits’ and ‘rough throated drinkers’, still occasionally found there, or nearby, especially on bank holidays.

I thought there must be a specific reason for the blitz – extra car parking spaces?, road resurfacing? – at last – but after ringing various departments at Northumberland County Council, I was told someone from the Neat team would ring me. Neat, when?

So Neat / swat team, whatever, your weapons of mass destruction have worked.

Simple isn’t it when you know how. I mean it wasn’t exactly the Amazonian rainforest, but let us keep what we have and not lose it through ignorance and insensitivity.

OK, maybe that is too harsh.

Please don’t take away food resources and areas affording privacy and safety to wildlife wherever possible, or arrange alternative sites in advance.

Let’s ‘love Northumberland’ including its flora and fauna. It is so easy to kill things, much harder to allow them to live and the benefits to ourselves are immeasurable.

G Woods