Let us celebrate our green energy

WIND turbines have had such a bad press on your letters pages it seems to be time someone spoke out in their defence.

I have been checking a few facts on the internet. People say they are inefficient, but that, of course, is a purely subjective opinion.

A 2 megawatt turbine like the new one in Blyth harbour can power 1,100 households and is expected to work for 70 to 85 per cent of the time depending on wind strength.

That is a lot of houses and zero pollution.

Although subsidised, wind energy is cheaper per unit of electricity than nuclear, which has always been heavily subsidised.

If a wind farm is in time decommissioned this can be done much more cheaply, easily and cleanly than a nuclear site.

When I look around while travelling, I have been amazed at how the new large turbines seem to be always turning, even in next to no wind. Specifically the two out at sea and the two at the Aesica site in Cramlington.

I have nothing against the appearance of turbines in the right locations and think the port of Blyth will look much improved with larger more efficient ones on the pier.

As we look around Blyth we see Morrisons rebuilding, property refurbishment nearby, a huge new Narec building and a ‘windmill’ towering over the centre of town.

Maybe things are starting to improve and we could embrace that windmill as our own landmark as others have taken to the Angel of the North.

Of course, I agree there should be no wind farms or pylons in much loved beauty spots and that any large arrays are better out at sea than on land.

Clean, green energy with no fumes, no radiation, no effect on global warming – let’s celebrate it.