Let us have straight answers and accountability

I would like to thank the News Post Leader for supplying me with the comedy moment of the year so far (‘Blyth Town Council precept’, February 6).

The amount the precept is going up is inevitable, so I won’t say anything about it, however, the fact that it will be beneficial to the town and residents will see rapid and sustainable improvements to it.

Mmm, where to start, at the derelict farm you first see on the approach, the empty Steamboat pub, boarded up town centre buildings, that wonderful listed building that houses Poundstretchers, and a homeless person?

I hesitate to even mention the side streets that harbour all the rubbish that is dropped.

I will congratulate the council on the job it has done on the bus station, and library, even if it has taken a long time to complete.

If we are to see rapid and sustainable improvements, can we see what the council plans to do with our hard earned cash, or is this just, as I suspect, political rhetoric to justify the increase?

Since the inception of the county council in its present state, and the decision to set up local councils, we have seen steady increases in the precept, but I have seen very little for it possibly the shift from the original offices to the present accommodation might have taken a chunk of that, but no doubt this will be ‘poo-pooed’ by the council.

Let’s have some straight answers and accountability from those a minority of the populace elect.

Name and address supplied