Liberals have had flirtation with power

I READ with dismay the letter from Penny Reid (News Post Leader, July 19) concerning her view of Lord’s Reform.

It was rude, patronising and entirely unnecessary.

It may have escaped her attention but the Lords Reform Bill was recently passed by 462 votes to 124 and in a modern democracy people – yes, including our MP – may vote as they see fit.

She lambasts the fact that some peers are elderly whilst 69-year-old Vince Cable coincidentally and grandly announces that “the worship of youth is over”, presumably he now fancies his leader’s job? Or perhaps just a seat in the Lords?

She patronises women about their 25 per cent membership in the Upper House.

She comments derogatorily about the role of Church of England bishops – this is bitterness and intolerance Liberal style.

She criticises a Plaid Cymru peer and a bishop for their attendance and expense claims, however, Nick Clegg’s 14 advisors now cost the taxpayer £900,000 a year – presumably to advise him to reform the House of Lords. Nice work if you can get it.

The Liberals have had their brief flirtation with power at local, regional and national levels.

Their 15 minutes of fame is almost over and the sooner the better.

As a Liberal the irony of her views are priceless.



Blyth Valley Conservative Association