LIBRARY: Look to past for progress

If the issue of the library service and how Northumberland County Council has managed it is to become a political issue in the run up to the county council election, I hope that all sides will consider introducing ideas as to how the library service can go back to doing what it did well in the past, but by making the ideas workable for 2017 and its time of budgetary limitations.

Friday, 20th January 2017, 5:29 am

Public feedback from diverse places like Cramlington, Newbiggin and Morpeth has raised consistent concerns about libraries becoming devalued when linked in with leisure centres.

Introducing the vision of a multi-purpose library/cultural centre/restaurant/hotel next to St George’s Church in Morpeth would be more believable and inspire more confidence if it was linked with a vision for the future of the library service which valued the staff for the varied work they have always done.

Robert Pollard