Lifeboat crews help swimmer and a kayaker

Lifeboat crews from Newbiggin and Blyth were called out over the weekend to deal with two incidents.

On Friday evening Newbiggin lifeboat was alerted following reports a swimmer was in danger in the Cambois y area.

The casualty was found close to the shore and was taken to Wansbeck General Hospital.

Them on Saturday evening, both Newbiggin and Blyth lifeboats were launched to assist a kayaker in the water near Cambois.

Both boats launched shortly before 6pm with a total of six volunteer crew on board and headed towards the scene.

The kayaker was being assisted by another kayaker who had made the initial call for help using a VHF radio.

Upon arrival Bthe lyth lifeboat assisted the casualty from the water and the crew carried out an initial assessment of his condition, Newbiggin lifeboat arrived shortly afterwards to recover the drifting kayak.

Both lifeboats then proceeded to the shore at Cambois where they were met by an awaiting coastguard team and ambulance.

Blyth RNLI Lifeboat operation manager John Scott said: “It was good to see the second kayaker had a VHF radio and was able to use it correctly to call for help when it mattered.”