LIGHTING: Costly, dull and a danger

Northumberland County Council is replacing every street light with these modern, money-saving LED street lamps.

Saturday, 21st May 2016, 6:00 am
Street lights.

The council claims that the new lighting will provide “crisper, whiter and brighter lights” and will be “longer lasting so there will be minimal maintenance required”.

The truth is that these lights are not as bright as the old orange replacements and have a very limited light cast, making our street darker and more dangerous.

As my neighbour said: “These lights are a burglar’s best friend.”

How are people supposed to feel safe when these lights have such a dull cast, making the street, pavements, roads and driveways darker, and making walking in our street a definite risk for falling down due to the dullness of the street lights?

I am watching people out with their dogs using hand-held torches as they walk.

My elderly neighbour will now not go outside even to put rubbish in their dustbin due to the lack of light that is emitted from these lights.

Northumberland County Council is facing huge cuts to the budget and huge job losses, so what does it do? It spends over £25m on replacing every street light in south east Northumberland with lighting which is so limiting and dull it makes it unsafe for anyone walking about at night.

Why has it spent so much money on this street lighting when all it needed to do was to turn down the brightness of the old orange street lamps, saving all this money?

In the three weeks since the new lights have been installed, we have had an increase in shed break-ins, car tyres damaged and fewer people out at night.

And as for minimal maintenance, well the street light outside my home has been off on seven occasions, making the street even darker and dangerous.

Before someone injures themselves in a bad fall, before Northumberland County Council is inundated with claims from falls, can you please turn up the brightness of these lamps?

Mrs A Robinson