Limiting the nuisance

Am I alone in remarking that the November 5 celebration of the Gunpowder Plot has turned into a nightly ritual of incessant bangs and flashes, that so far this year have continued for eight consecutive nights?

In addition, fireworks are set off for multifarious reasons from birthdays and weddings, to Christmas and New Year.

The simple firework selection boxes have been replaced by public display items of enormous power and intensity with their increasing availability from sources via the internet.

Dogs and cats cower in fear from this completely unacceptable intrusion into normal peace and quiet, never mind wild birds and animals that must be equally traumatised.

The fire service and police have to deal with the results of irresponsible behaviour, whilst our A&E units handle unnecessary injuries caused by amateur bungling and misuse of explosive items.

I have to adhere to stringent noise restrictions placed on my car, industry has limits placed on it as to the amount of noise generated from factories, aeroplanes are subject to increasing noise emission requirements and pubs and clubs have specific rules and regulations in respect of noise.

It seems anomalous to me that this wanton breach on peace and tranquillity is permitted in this day and age.

J Hill