Lipreading classes now available

A series of classes that provide a lifeline for people who experience hearing loss are being offered in the county.

In the Loop Lipreading Groups were set up in Northumberland by Natalie Brodie-Clarke last year, in conjunction with the Northumberland Adult Learning and Skills Service, who funded free lipreading classes in the centres across Northumberland. Classes were so popular last year that even more are being offered this year.

Natalie said: “Until 2014 lipreading classes could be very costly excluding those who needed to access these rehabilitative courses the most.

“Lipreading classes provide a central point of information not only about hearing aids but about how to cope with hearing loss in general, the latest technology available, local services which offer further support in addition to lipreading itself.

“It’s a very brave thing for those individuals to come to a class, often they come as a last resort or their wives/husbands have made them, and they are full of trepidation about committing to a group of what is often perceived as old fuddy duddys.

“The lipreading classes are delivered in a fun, relaxed environment where people come to learn lipreading but also share experiences and support each other.”

For details, visit the In the Loop Lipreading Group Northumberland Facebook page.