LITTER: Awareness is important

Every morning I do the same walk in the area I live.

Friday, 18th May 2018, 6:40 am

The council has provided many litter bins, but constantly I find litter next to or near these bins so I pick it up myself and put it in the bins.

Most of this litter is energy drink cans or bottles, or fast food, coffee and soft drink cups.

On a daily walk I can pick up around ten to 15 cans and bottles. Multiply that by 365 days and it’s an annual average total of 4,500 items of rubbish – quite a stock pile.

I feel that most of the litter I see is caused by people throwing it from cars. I wonder how this can be stopped.

After I get back from my walk and travel to work I see fresh litter.

Even our main roads, the A19 and A189, are full of litter. The spine road runs adjacent to the coast so inevitably this litter could end up in the sea.

The cost and safety aspects of cleaning up litter on highways is an issue for local councils. I have seen lane closures for litter-picking just to see more litter discarded by road users.

I haven’t got the answers, but I think promoting awareness of these issues in local news is important.

Community litter-picking is a great initiative. People might not know that they can arrange this easily through their council, which is happy to provide equipment, gloves, bags and means of disposal.

Anne Armstrong