Litter in any form is preventable

RECENT articles have commented on A189 litter and community initiatives to tackle the problem.

Individuals in Blyth need to be responsible for their own litter and not expect the council or good citizens to clear up their mess.

The worst form of litter is the amount of cigarette ends everywhere.

If dog owners can be fined for not clearing up mess, why are smokers allowed to mess our pavements?

The rubber mat at the entrance to the Post Office beside Morrisons is full of stubs.

Shop and pub entrances also fall foul to this form of littering as smokers often congregate there, not only blocking entrances but causing the litter.

Bushes around the town contain countless plastic bottles, cans, fish and chip wrappers or boxes.

Bins are provided along the pier and in the market place but still you see rubbish.

Children are reminded not to drop litter in school. Who reminds the adults?

Is it any wonder that Blyth town centre gets a negative press and customers opt to shop elsewhere?

What do the growing number of cyclists using the route along the harbour think of the town’s rubbish?

Visitors arriving from the A19 or A1 onto the A189 must wonder if this is really the beautiful Northumberland they have heard about?

If the people who live here do not respect their surroundings, is it any wonder that tourism struggles to promote this area?

Ridley Park’s dedicated staff clears up after a busy day. However, birds and foxes attack the refuse bags beside the tennis courts. Rubbish strewn on the tennis courts does not entice anyone to play, let alone pay for this facility.

Could Northumberland County Council remind users to bin litter and provide covered storage for the refuse bags away from this leisure facility?

Finally, after a day of warm weather, someone thoughtfully left toddler-size blue soiled pants on the pavement beside the bowling green at Ridley Park. Words fail me but have prompted this letter.

Litter in any form is preventable.