LITTER: Use bins for all our sakes

As a responsible dog owner who resides in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, I always clear up after my dog.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 28 February, 2016, 13:00

It’s common courtesy.

However, it always amazes me that so many people leave their dog mess in the park and on the seafront.

It does not require much effort to carry a couple of plastic bags with you when you are out with your dog, and to do the decent thing by clearing up after it.

Also, there seems to be a great inability for people to throw their litter into a bin.

The council provides an adequate amount of litter bins in Newbiggin, but some people seem to be incapable of utilising them.

The park is frequently strewn with beer cans, fast food wrappers, crisp packets and a whole host of rubbish items.

The problem appears to be that some people throw their rubbish on to the ground, then this creates a general consensus amongst people that throwing down litter is an acceptable thing to do. It’s a cumulative effect.

If we all do our bit by using the bins that the council provides for us, we can keep our community clean and tidy for each and every one of us to enjoy.

Rick Smith