Living near line is no inconvenience

THE letter from Mr Curran (News Post Leader, July 26) is a poorly argued response to the case for reopening a passenger rail service on the Ashington, Blyth and Tyne line.

I live near the line and also to the east coast main line, and it is no inconvenience.

Also, I never hear complaints from people who live closer to the railway line than I do.

I doubt very much if house prices in east Seghill would be affected by having a few electric trains running each day, and the benefits also need to be considered.

The trains would connect Seghill with Newcastle (southbound) and with Blyth and Ashington and Morpeth (northbound).

It is true that electric trains have a carbon footprint, but so do cars and buses.

The passenger service on the line was closed down by tax evader Ernest Marples (also a government minister).

Why should people today continue to suffer from his mistakes?


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