LOCAL ELECTIONS: Town and parish council results

Here are the results of the elections for the councils in Ashington, Blyth, Cramlington, Newbiggin and Seaton Valley following today's count.

Saturday, 6th May 2017, 16:27 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 19:20 pm
Election results from Northumberland.

Ashington (Bothal Ward): Matthew Alan Cuthbert, Lynne Grimshaw and Robert Walkinshaw.

Ashington (Haydon Ward)​: Marjorie Chambers, Nicola Ann Chambers and Brian Charles Gallacher.

Blyth (Cowpen Ward)​: Elaine Anderson-Smith and Bob Parker.

Blyth (Croft Ward)​: Kath Nisbet and Margaret Catherine Richardson.

Blyth (Isabella Ward)​: John Robert Potts and Olga Potts.

Blyth (Kitty Brewster Ward)​: Ken Ellis and Gordon Webb.

Blyth (Newsham Ward): Gordon Adam Thompson and Dave Walls.

Blyth (Plessey Ward)​: Jeff Reid and Sandra Stanger.

Blyth (South Blyth Ward)​: Daniel Carr and Lesley Jennifer Rickerby.

Blyth (Wensleydale Ward)​: Adrian Cartie and Warren Taylor .

Cramlington (Cramlington East Ward)​: Claire Louise Foley and Elizabeth Ann Mitcheson.

Cramlington (Cramlington Eastfield Ward)​: Christine Lesley Dunbar and Norman Dunbar.

Cramlington (Cramlington North Ward)​: John Thomas Collins and Wayne Daley.

Cramlington (Cramlington Village Ward)​: Loraine Anne De Simone and Mark David Swinburn.

Cramlington (Cramlington West Ward)​: Barry Flux and Pamela Joanne Flux.

Newbiggin-By-The-Sea (Newbiggin East Ward)​: Annie Bromwich-Alexandra and Mavis Cholerton.

Newbiggin-By-The-Sea (Newbiggin North Ward)​: Sheila Harrison and Eva Hartley.

Newbiggin-By-The-Sea (Newbiggin South Ward)​: Malcolm Peden and James Alan Thompson.

Newbiggin-By-The-Sea (Newbiggin West Ward)​: David Michael Boon and Lynn Burns.

Seaton Valley (Hartley Ward)​: Karen Collier, Susan Elizabeth Dungworth and Barbara Ann Swinhoe.

Seaton Valley (Holywell Ward)​: Leslie Bowman, Eva Coulson and Ann Stanners.

Seaton Valley (Seghill With Seaton Delaval Ward)​: Simon Troy Hartland, Daniel Nesbitt and Stephen Stanners.

Not all wards or councils required an election - uncontested election results can be found here.