Look at the big picture

What is wrong with the thought processes of some of our local councillors when it comes to growth and employment opportunities in the Blyth and Cramlington area?

The latest outpouring from some elected representatives expresses concern over potential loss of green space, resulting from plans by UK Coal to opencast land in between Bebside and the Three Horse Shoes area at Horton.

This area has already been deep mined and subsequently opencast in the latter half of the 20th century, and it is hardly much to shout about.

Hathery Lonnen running through the middle of it was until recently little more than a free dumping ground for household and building refuse.

It includes undeveloped former coal processing areas, scrub pasture and borders the old pit heap to the east.

Proposals are to mine to a greater depth using modern and more efficient means to extract the wealth of coal that still abounds in the area.

The mine operators are legally obliged to return the land to its former state upon completion of mining, which can only be an improvement. Look at the success of Northumberlandia.

As for the emotionally charged rhetoric over speeding traffic, this is pure over-reaction to a perceived problem that could be simply resolved in the planning stage by restricting routes used by coal traffic.

Speed limits could be imposed and crossing facilities provided at the expense of the operators and UK Coal.

The adjoining rail connection could be used for the bulk of mineral movements, with the possible knock on effect of eventual passenger use of the line as investment would be made on the rail infrastructure.

Come on those with a lack of vision, open your eyes and take a look at the bigger picture.

J Hill