Lord Morris was a modern day hero

IT is worth noting the passing of one of our ‘modern day heroes’, Lord Alf Morris, who was a ‘champion’ who changed the lives of disabled people everywhere.

His passion for disabled rights has made a difference to every disabled person and they owe him a debt of gratitude.

It’s difficult to envisage what it was like before his pioneering work was passed in Parliament

In Harold Wilson’s’ government he was First Minister responsible for disabled people when working with the social services department.

His 33 Clause Bill was passed unopposed in 1970 which required all councils to register disabled people, which lead to various improvements in their lives, such as being able to access assistance in housing, the introduction of the Blue Badge system and concessions on transport.

In 1977 he unveiled Motability and he also ensured youngsters were not admitted to geriatric wards.

He was a leading light, and when he entered the House of Lords with a Life Peerage, he continued to campaign alongside Lord Jack Ashley and together they led a series of revolts over the treatment of disabled people.

We have come a long way in campaigning for disability rights but our inspiration comes from great men such as these.


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