Making a noise for anti-bullying week

Anti-bullying week at Hillcrest School.
Anti-bullying week at Hillcrest School.

Students at a county school have been making a noise as they spread an anti-bullying message.

Youngsters at Cramlington’s Hillcrest School celebrated national anti-bullying week, whose theme this year is ‘Make a Noise about Bullying’, with a series of events focussed on friendship and team building.

Pupils at the school were involved in anti-bullying awareness lessons, took part in a poster competition, and had a dress up in loud coloured clothing day on Friday to raise money for the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

As part of the week, the students also signed the Stonewall No Bystanders pledge acknowledging that they would promote a positive attitude to bullying.

Teaching assistant, Lisa Grear, said: “We arranged for speakers to visit the school from the LGBT Federation who delivered workshops to Key Stage 4 and 5 to raise the awareness of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, and students looked at what it is, why it is harmful, hurtful and sometimes a crime.

“The work that was completed by Louise and Abraham from the federation was fantastic.

“All of the students involved thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and learning about other parts of the world.

“Their engagement was great, a lot of questions were asked which formed interesting discussions and debates.”

The week also saw the Show Racism the Red Card team visit the school to deliver Anti-Racism workshops.