Malcolm backs campaign on mini strokes

Malcolm Douglas.
Malcolm Douglas.

An Ashington man is backing a campaign to help people recognise the early warning signs of a stroke.

A new report launched by the Stroke Association, called ‘Not just a funny turn’, shows that more than a third of people having a mini stroke thought it was a ‘funny turn’.

Malcolm Douglas, 64, from Ashington, was in church in January 2010 when he had a mini stroke and is now backing the campaign.

His speech was slurred and his arm went numb.

Recognising the signs, he immediately went to a nearby mirror and smiled, where he saw his face had dropped.

Malcolm drove home to be with his wife as he feared the worst, and she called an ambulance.

Within minutes he was in hospital where he was given aspirin and slowly his symptoms started to subside.

Malcolm said: “For a while after the mini stroke, I felt guilty that I had recovered well and was left feeling very down.

“I now worry much more about my health than I used to.”

The launch of the ‘Not just a funny turn’ campaign and report marks the start of Action on Stroke Month 2014.

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