Marathon effort for good cause

Brought to you by the News Post Leader.
Brought to you by the News Post Leader.

Fund-raisers will be playing pool throughout the night at a venue in Blyth to bring in money for the Silx Teen Bar project based nearby.

And those who have already signed up, as well as residents who would like to come along during part of the marathon effort to help out, are encouraged to wear Hallowe’en fancy dress.

The event at Regent Snooker and Pool Club, Seaforth Street, will run from 2pm on Saturday to 2pm on Sunday.

Four of the participants, two pairs, have agreed to play continuously for at least 24 hours with short rest breaks. They will have the option of doing 25 hours as the clocks go back on Sunday.

Joint owner/manager Debbie Barnes said the premises will close at 2am on Sunday and operate as a private club just for the people who have signed up for the challenge. It will re-open to others at 10am.

She added: “Silx Teen Bar does a lot of great work for young people living in Blyth and it has tried to bring a group of kids here a couple of times but didn’t have the manpower to cover the hours required, so we thought it would be a good idea to do a fund-raiser for the charity.”

Players will wear onesies during the night and Regent staff will provide breakfast for them on Sunday morning.