MATCH: A fantastic day all round

On Sunday, August 27, Newbiggin traders put on a show called Match of the Bay in the Piazza and the beach.

Tuesday, 19th September 2017, 6:44 am

There were stalls, crafts and music, etc.

Match of the Bay was a football match designed as a rematch of the 1966 World Cup, and the players were boys and girls up to the age of 13.

A friend of mine, David Haggerty, told me about his idea so we got together and discussed what we would do.

I arranged for my old friend Jack Charlton to come and help us, with the aid of the Alzheimer’s Society, which provided strips.

The World Cup (copy) and the medals were given by the traders.

It was a huge success.

I met Jack and his wife Pat at 1pm. We had a meal at Bertorelli Cafe, provided by Frank Bertorelli, then it all started.

Jack had his photograph taken with kids and adults all day.

He presented the match trophy to the winners (England won 3-2), and all of the boys and girls who played got medals.

The man of the match, a young boy from London who played centre-forward, was presented with a Newcastle United football signed by Jack.

At 4pm he and Pat had to go home.

It was a fantastic day for the crowd, the Alzheimer’s Society and the traders.

Thank you everybody.

Jack Lothian

Newbiggin by the Sea