May as well bypass town

In response to Malcolm Robinson’s letter (News Post Leader, April 9) concerning the demise of Bedlington, I totally agree with his views.

Surely the writing was on the wall when E3 Hairdressers and Spend and Save were told to vacate their premises so Tesco could expand?

Yet years later Tesco had still not expanded its shop.

Can someone also tell me when the building next to Bedlington Social Club is going to be finished?

The work started ages ago. It is an eyesore in a conservation area.

Also, what about the old Church Lane Village Infants School? Will this ever be developed?

The Tesco light at the end of the tunnel has been extinguished, causing more job losses and less to spend in Bedlington.

Only Morrisons is left, but how long before that closes too?

Why not just build a new bypass around Bedlington heading straight to Ashington where all the money is being spent?

I remember when Bedlington was the ‘jewel in the crown. Look at us now.

I throw down this challenge to the councillors of Bedlington. Yes, it is very nice putting up flower baskets and tidying up the picnic field, but what about standing up for the real regeneration of Bedlington.

I hope this letter is received the way it is written, by someone who loves Bedlington, even though I was born and bred in Ashington, but I is very proud to call Bedlington my home.

In the event of nothing being done, can the last man out please turn off the lights.

V Donnelly