Medals galore for Blyth Lifeguard & Swimming Club at Welsh Championships

Blyth Lifeguard & Swimming Club came away with a number of medals when competing in the recent Welsh Championships.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 25 February, 2016, 17:30

One highlight for the club’s lifeguard squad at Cardiff Pool was the performance of 12-year-old Trinity Todd.

She took part in the competition only four years after undergoing major heart surgery, and she towed a full mannequin weighing approximately nine stone.

Zelah Weedy, swimming in the Masters, had a superb competition and medalled in every event she took part.

James Wells in the U16s and Ellie Dickerson-Weedy in the U14s also medalled in every one of their events.

The club’s lifeguard captain Michele Weeedy said she was delighted with the excellent performances from every swimmer and they are looking forward to the next three championships.

The Youth team retained the Youth Trophy they previously won in 2011, 2013 and 2015, while he Open team finished third overall, as did the Masters team.

Medal winners:

Mannequin relay – U14 girls: Emily Meredith, Jessica Little, Anya Christopher and Trinity Todd, won bronze; U16 girls: Ellie Dickerson-Weedy, Rhiannah McCourt, Lauren Gordon and Amy Weston, gold; U18 girls: Rebecca Douglas, Beth Little, Beth Chandler and Cadie Chandler, silver; U19 boys: Daniel Weightman, Matthew Douglas, Callum Gilroy and James Wells, gold; Open ladies: Megan MacNaught, Jessica Parker, Cadie Chandler and Beth Little, gold.

100m mannequin carry – U19 male: Daniel Weightman, silver; U16 male: James Wells, gold; U14 female: Ellie Dickerson Weedy, bronze; U14 male: Joseph Huntley, silver; Masters female: Zelah Weedy, silver; Masters male: John Meredith, bronze.

Line throw 12.5 metres – U19 male: Matthew Douglas/Callum Gilroy, silver; U16 male: James Wells/Mitch Smith, bronze; U14 female: Ellie Dickerson-Weedy / Jessica Little, bronze; U19 female: Jessica Parker/Beth Little, silver; Open female: Linda Taylor/Rhiannah McCourt, bronze; Masters female: Linda Taylor / Zelah Weed, gold; Masters female: Debbie Weston / Lyn Ross, gold.

Rescue medley – U19 male: Matthew Douglas, bronze; U16 female: Amy Weston, silver; U16 male: James Wells, bronze; U19 female: Jessica Parker, silver; Masters female: Zelah Weedy, gold.

100m mannequin tow – U19 female: Beth Little, bronze; U19 male: Daniel Weightman, bronze; U16 male: James Wells, silver; U14 female: Jessica Little, silver; U16 female: Ellie Dickerson-Weedy, silver; Masters female: Lynn Ross, gold, Zelah Weedy, silver, Michele Weedy, bronze; Masters male: John Meredith, silver, James Ross, bronze.

Super lifesaver – U19 female: Jessica Parker, bronze, U19 male: Daniel Weightman, bronze.

100m mannequin carry with fins: U14 female: Lauren Gordon, bronze; U16 female: Ellie Dickerson-Weedy, bronze; U16 male: James Wells, bronze; U14 male: Joseph Huntley, silver; Masters female: Lynn Ross, gold, Zelah Weedy, bronze; Masters male: James Ross, silver, John Meredith, bronze.

Medley relay – U19 female: silver; U19 male: silver; U16 female: gold; U14 female: silver; Women’s open: gold; Men’s open: bronze.