Medication campaign is in the bag

A campaign is aiming to help older better to better understand their medicines.

NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) launched the ‘My Medicines, My Health’ campaign targeting people over the age of 60 who have long term medical conditions by encouraging them to keep all their medicines in one place and taking them with them for medical appointments.

The campaign introduces the idea of a Green Medicine Bag as a way of doing this, although any bag or container can be used as long as medicines are kept together.

Dr Graham Syers, prescribing lead for Northumberland CCG, said: “To help you keep all your medicines in one place and keep on top of what medicines you are actually taking, we are now encouraging all patients over 60 in the region to use a Green Medicine Bag, or simply one bag or a container.”

He added: “Because some medicines can interact, it’s crucial that all your prescribed and non-prescribed medicines are in one place so that medical staff can see what you are taking.

“Get into the habit of using a bag like the Green Medicine Bag. Tell family members and anyone who cares for you where you keep it, so it can easily be found in an emergency.”

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