Memorial to seafarers and miners

SEAFARERS and the mining community will be among the first to be commemorated in Newbiggin’s new dedication garden.

Four trees in memory of fishermen and pitmen are due to be planted by Newbiggin Town Council at an inauguration ceremony due to be held later this month.

A fifth tree is to be dedicated to a former villager who died last year.

Councillors agreed at their latest meeting to establish a memorial.

Coun Michael Boon said: “There has been a lot of fishermen lost from Newbiggin, and there has been nothing to commemorate them.”

The dedication garden is to be created on open land opposite the village’s memorial park.

It is hoped that a friends group will be formed to help care for the garden.

People wishing to commemorate loved ones will be able to choose from seven species of tree priced at £100 each.

Concern was voiced about the possibility of people decorating trees with memorabilia, as has happened in some graveyards, but councillors decided against a ban at this stage. Chairman Coun Rebecca McCready said: “I realise it could become an issue, but I don’t want to impose conditions which could become awkward. It’s a very sensitive issue.”

Clerk Dennis Earl said: “It has to be discouraged because it could become a major problem, but at the same time it’s impossible to police.”