Mess from roadworks

On the approach road to Moor Farm roundabout, A1171, the ‘tree butchers’ have been out in force and attacked the trees and bushes along the right hand side of the road travelling east.

A post and rail fence was erected last year after the so-called works had finished on the extra lane to the A19 at the roundabout.

It took six men, three wagons and one tractor and a driver.

About two weeks ago, six men and three wagons returned, removed the rails and put then on the other side of the posts.

The small trees and bushes were ripped apart by a flail mower, not the right tool for the job.

Various larger trees were sawn down and the smaller branches chipped.

But the mess that has been left – trees left on the post and rail fencing. Does no one supervise this work?

Also, a road sign was damaged when the original work was started some three years ago but has never been repaired.

I have been to the local council office with my complaints.