Miners to mark anniversary

Former miners are to mark the 30th anniversary since they went on strike in the county.

All pit workers, ex-miners, wives and families are being invited to the social day at Ashington Community Football Club.

The event on Saturday, April 19, marks 30 years since the miners’ strike.

Residents who were affected by the action are being invited to attend and share their stories about how it affected them and their families, as well as any friendships made on the picket lines.

The event kicks off at 4pm and there will be a disco, karaoke, Irish singer, and the band Rainmaker.

One organiser said: “This was an historic moment in the lives of the working class.

“This is not a union event, it is being put together by a small group of ex-miners who think this historic event, which will be talked about long after we have all gone, should be remembered.”