Mini market is a threat to stores

I WOULD like to respond to the letter from ‘Interested Watcher’ (News Post Leader, January 2).

That is right, the supermarkets have put all the small garages out of business.

In retrospect, I don’t think a garage would survive in Seaton Delaval, although there is a small garage on Plessey Road, which is always busy, and of course there are, through these supermarkets, a lot of garages which were closed down, so it may not be so bad.

The garage idea was just off the top of my head.

There are quite a few people who would lose their jobs at the Co-op if this mini market opened because Seaton Delaval is not big enough for two major food outlets.

My main worry is for the corner shop or convenience store, which is open all the time – Christmas Day, Good Friday etc.

It is a family business run by hard working people who are always friendly.

I don’t know whether they would survive because this mini market is just down the street from their premises.

I am one of the good folk of Seaton Delaval who does not have a car and has to use public transport when it turns up, but I get emergency stuff from the corner shop like cans of beer and stuff like that.

If I want a can of beer from the mini market I would have to buy four cans, if I buy four cans I drink four cans.

Talking about 60 years ago, I’d rather live in ‘Brigadoon’ than the cut throat society we live in today.

As they say in Seaton Delaval every day, let’s have ‘status quo ante bellum’.


Seaton Delaval